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The third Open World Forum will gather together decision- makers from the open digital world, in Paris 30 September – 1 October 2010 – Eurosite George V

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Technologies – Economic Models – Governance... Year after year the Free/Open Source movement is establishing itself as the invisible engine driving the digital revolution. Following the success of the first two events, the Open World Forum will once again be staged in Paris this year, on 30 September and 1 October, bringing together 1,500 experts and decision-makers from 40 countries. With 15 keynote addresses, 20 workshops and 8 think-tanks, featuring 140 presenters, the aim of this ‘Davos’ of open technologies is to debate and cross-fertilize initiatives, to shape the open digital landscape of the future.

The Open World Forum will include eight flagship sessions: 



· Opening keynote addresses: The state of the open world: what impact will it have on the digital future? With Walter Bender (MIT Media Labs/OPLC/Sugarlabs), James Governor(RedMonk), Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester), Simon Phipps (ForgeRock), Dirk Riehle… 

· The revolution in open innovation: collective intelligence actively supporting growth. With Stefan Lindegaard (15Inno), Steve Shapiro (Innocentive), Roberto Di Cosmo (INRIA), Patrick Chanezon (Google), Michel Guillemet (Bull)… 

· Open Cloud: Open Source at the heart of tomorrow’s ‘computing power plants’? With Matt Asay (Canonical), Larry Augustin (SurgarCRM), Kyle Mac Donald (, Matt Wood (Amazon)... 

· Open communities: the emblematic organizations of the 21st century? With Eben Moglen(Software Freedom Law Center), Bertrand Delacretaz (Apache), Mike Milinkovich (Eclipse), Cedric Thomas (OW2)... 



· Open democracy in 2010: what are the initiatives and prospects? With Philippe Aigrin(Sopinspace), Ellen Miller (Sunlight Foundation), Dominique Piotet (RebellionLab), Francis Pisani(Transnet)... 

 · Managing ‘the commons’: ‘tragedy’ or opportunity? With David Bollier (, Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), John Wilbanks (Creative Commons)... 

· Open Generation: from ‘Generation Y’ to ‘Generation O’? With Sandrine Murcia (Silicon Sentier/Mindblush), Sunil Abraham (Centre for Internet and Society), Benjamin Bejbaum(founder of DailyMotion)… 

· Closing keynote addresses: Open Innovation Awards and FLOSS 2020 RoadMap. With Michael Tiemann (OSI, Red Hat ), Jean-Pierre Laisne (OW2, Bull)... 


Numerous workshops and seminars will also enable delegates to evaluate emerging trends in the open world: the development of open media; the advent of new-generation NGOs based on collaborative strategies (Sahana, CrisisCommons…); the revolution in community marketing; new forms of business organization inspired by Open Source; etc. The innovative events being staged this year for the first time include a summit meeting addressing the points of view of leading industry analysts on the Open Source world (Forrester, 451 Group, PAC, RedMonk) and another on diversity and women in the Free/Open Source world. Finally, the Open Source Think-tank, dedicated to analyzing Open Source economic models, will once again be partnering the Open World Forum. 


The global meeting point for open innovation


Above and beyond the forward-looking analysis and networking, the event aims to foster the development of multiple, cross-cutting initiatives, during or following the Forum. Complementing the Open CIO Summit – the leading Open Source summit meeting organized by CIOs, for CIOs – and the FLOSS International Competence Centers Summit, the Open World Forum 2010 will also be hosting several new initiatives: 

· The first BRIC Think-tank, bringing together decision-makers from the Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese governments to discuss ways of accelerating their digital development using open technologies 

· The first Open Cloud Summit, bringing together technical directors from the biggest players in Cloud computing to evaluate ways forward in terms of interoperability 

· The first Open Forges Summit, bringing together decision-makers from the major open digital software forges. 


The Forum will also stage the presentation of the 2010 Open Innovation Awards, as part of a Demo Cup event, and will continue forward-thinking initiatives with further input into the 2020 FLOSS RoadMap. Over a number of months, international experts will compare their visions of the future, to generate scenarios and make recommendations that will be published at the Forum.


The Open World Forum is an initiative launched and led by a number of major international and European organizations from the Free/Open Source and digital world, with the support of public institutions(the EU, Paris city council, the Ile-de-France region) and the active involvement of a wide ecosystem of businesses, including almost 70% of the world’s largest IT companies. Major sponsors of the 2010 OWF already include Bull (co-founder), Red Hat, HP, AlterWay, QualComm, Smile, HP, INRIA, Nuxeo, Pilot Systems, Canonical, Cap Gemini, Oracle, Jaspersoft, SugarCRM, Ayeba and Accenture. In 2010, the Forum is being organized by the Systematic competitiveness cluster, in partnership with Cap Digital and the European Qualipso consortium. The program committee includes some 50 international experts from six continents.


"We are pleased to showcase the breadth and leadership of the Apache community at-large at the Open World Forum," said Sally Khudairi, Vice President of Marketing and Publicity at The Apache Software Foundation. "It is a great opportunity to address myriad business needs with practical, enterprise-grade Open Source innovations that provide real value on a global scale."


"Open World Forum has become the premier open source conference in Europe for the enterprise. The FOSSBazaar governance community is excited to organize a full day event about Open Source Governance this year", said Martin Michlmayr of HP, the community manager of FOSSBazaar.


"The Open Source Think Tank is proud to once again partner with the Open World Forum conference" said Andrew Aitken, Founder, Open Source Think Tank & Managing Partner, Olliance Group. "With the OWF's substantive and diversified program and quality attendees it is a fine compliment to the OSTT, being held the two days previous to the OWF in Paris, September 28 & 29".


"The Open Software Special Interest Group at Systematic (GTLL) – whose role is to develop the open ecosystem in the  Ile-de-France region – is delighted to contribute its resources and make its community of  entrepreneurs and researchers available to take part in staging this event, which is a benchmark for the open world and open innovation, and which has made an important contribution to disseminating the Ile-de-France's technical and industrial excellence in this area" said Stefane Fermigier, Chairman of GTLL.


"PLOSS – the collective of businesses from the Ile-de-France region involved in open source software and services – is proud to be taking part in and supporting this key event for the open digital economy. The Open World Forum is both an international meeting point and a driving force behind synergies between our businesses and communities, enabling the cross-fertilization of energies and initiatives" said David Sapiro, Chairman of PLOSS. 


“This year Collibri – the community consisting of researchers, start-ups and businesses under the Cap Digital umbrella, supported by Silicon Sentier, which aims to promote innovation through collaboration and openness – has once again chosen to take part in staging the Open World Forum, especially by putting forward two seminar topics on blue-sky issues: one social issue, focused on the 'Open Generation, which says everything about the Internet, and a collection of seminars on 'Open Digital Content', of which the first is Open Source Movies!” says Louis Montagne, Chairman of Collibri.


“Silicon Sentier – an association of technology businesses which is heavily involved in Open Source communities in the Ile-de-France region – is delighted to be contributing to this event, and to be involving its network in distributing the best practice conveyed through the Open World Forum” said Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, Executive Director of Silicon Sentier.



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