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Keynote speakers

Sunil Abraham
Policy Director, Centre for Internet and Society (India)
Philippe Aigrain
Founder, Sopinspace, La Quadrature du Net (France)
Andrew Aitken
Founder, Olliance, Open Source Think Tank (USA)
Matt Asay
Chief Operating Officer, Canonical (USA)
Larry Augustin
Mark Bapst
Vice President of Technology, Qualcomm Innovation Center
Jean-Pierre Barberis
General Manager, Bull France and Bull Services (France)
Michel Bauwens
Founder, P2P Foundation (Thailand)
Benjamin Bejbaum
Co-Founder, DailyMotion (France)
Walter Bender
Founder, SugarLabs, Former Director of MIT-Media Lab and OPLC (USA)
Patrice Bertrand
COO, Smile, Chairman, CNLL (France)
David Bollier
Co-editor,, and author Viral Spiral (USA)
Beatriz Busaniche
Member of Vía Libre Foundation and Professor, National University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Fabrizio Capobianco
CEO, Funambol (USA)
Patrick Chanezon
Developer Relations Manager - Client and Cloud, Google (USA)
Rick Clark
Senior Manager, Rackspace Cloud at Rackspace Hosting (USA)
Bertrand Delacretaz
Director, Apache Software Foundation, Senior Developer, Day (Switzerland)
Roberto Di Cosmo
Director of the Free / Open Source Research and Initiative (IRILL), INRIA (France)
Chris DiBona
Open source and public sector programs manager - Google (USA)
Marco Fioretti
Freelance writer, trainer, popularizer (Italia )
James Governor
Co-Founder and Senior Analyst, RedMonk (UK)
Jeffrey Hammond
Principal Analyst, Forrester (USA)
Sam Johnston
President, Open Cloud Initiative
Jean-Pierre Laisne
Open Source Strategy Director, Bull, Chairman of OW2 (France)
Stefan Lindegaard
Open Innovation Consultant, 15Inno Founder (Denmark)
Bruno Menard
President of CIGREF, Vice-President, IS, Sanofi-Aventis (France)
Franz Meyer
Vice President South West Europe, Middle East and Africa, Red Hat (France)
Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation (Canada)
Jean-Louis Missika
Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of research, innovation and universities (France)
Eben Moglen
Director-Counsel and Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center (USA)
Philippe Montarges
Co-founder and co-president of Alter Way, President of the OWF 2010 (France)
Alexis Monville
Co-Founder and Associate, Ayeba (France)
Glyn Moody
Technology journalist and consultant, ComputerWorld (UK)
Sandrine Murcia
President, Silicon Sentier, CEO, Mindblush
Simon Phipps
Director, Open Source Initiative, Chief Strategy Officer, ForgeRock (UK)
Dominique Piotet
Founder, RebellionLab (USA)
Francis Pisani
Journalist and Writer, LeMonde (France)
Dirk Riehle
Professor for Open Source Software - Friedrich-Alexander-University (Germany)
Stephen Shapiro
Chief Innovation Evangelist for InnoCentive, the leader in Open Innovation (USA)
Noirin Shirley
Vice-President, Apache Software Foundation (USA)
Christina Soares de Freitas
Professor at the Federal University of Brasilia (Brazil)
Louis Suarez-Potts
Community Manager,, Oracle (Canada)
Cedric Thomas
CEO, OW2 Consortium (France)
Michael Tiemann
President, Open Source Initiative, VP Red Hat (USA)
Ross David Turk
Director, Developer Community Outreach and Evangelism, Alcatel-Lucent (USA)
James Utzschneider
General Manager of Open Source, Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Henri Verdier
President, Cap Digital Innovation Cluster (France)
Dominique Vernay
Thales, President of Systematic Innovation Cluster (France)
John Wilbanks
Vice President for Science at Creative Commons (USA)
Jan Wildeboer
EMEA Evangelist, Red Hat (Germany)


David A Wiley
Associate Professor - Brigham Young University (USA)
Chris Addis
Head of Business Development EMEA at RightScale
Sarah Aizenman
Manager, Missing - Casques Rouges (France)
Jean-Pierre Archambault
Technology Watch Director, CNDP-CRDP (France)
Jean-Luc Archimbaud
Project manager of PLUME-FEATHER (France)
Matt Aslett
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software, The 451 Group (UK)
Boris Auche
Bull Services, Consultant and Solutions - Co Founder CIO Summit (France)
Joe Baguley
CTO Europe, Quest Software (UK)
Francois Bancilhon
CXO, Rydeka (France)
Nicolas Barcet
Ubuntu Server Product Manager, Canonical (France)
Georges-Louis Baron
EDA Director, Paris Descartes-Sorbonne University (France)
Jeffrey Bates
Vice-President, SourceForge / Geeknet (USA)
Veronique Baudin
Research engineer at CNRS-LAAS (France)
Olivier Berger
Research engineer, Telecom SudParis (France)
Luc Bizeul
Consultant (France)
Robin Blandford
Director, Decisions For Heroes (UK)
Frederic Bordage
Green IT and sustainable ICT expert founder (France)
Christophe Bouthier
R&D engineer at INRIA, (France)
Nazare Bretas
Director, Ministry of Planning, Brazil
Amanda Brock
General Counsel, Canonical (UK)
Cedric Carbone
Talend CTO / OW2 Board Member (France)
Dominique Cardon
Sociologist, France Telecom R&D (France)
Thierry Carrez
Technical Lead, Ubuntu Server at Canonical (France)
Laurent Charles
IT Projects Manager, STMicroelectronics (France)
Scott Collison
Responsible for driving product at Geeknet
Adrian Colyer
Chief Technology Officer of SpringSource [division of VMware] (USA)
Kate Craig-Wood
CEO, Memset (UK)
Carlo Daffara
Head of R&D, Conecta Research (Italy)
Stephane Dalmas
INRIA, leader of the "Legal" activity of the QualiPSo Consortium (France)
Claire Davis
Senior Administrator, Canonical (UK)
Rahul De
Chair Professor
Francois Dechery
Beekeeper at Cloud Bees
Guillaume Decitre
CEO, Decitre Bookstores (France)
Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
Serial entrepreneur and CEO (USA)
Noel Dickover
Co-founder, Crisis Commons (USA)
Djordje Djokic
PhD, Specialized in European rights and privacy protection on Internet (France)
Sebastien Douche
CTO, SecurActive (France)
Francois Elie
Co-founder and president of Adullact, Vice-president of AFUL (France)
Fabrice Epelboin
Editor & publisher, ReadWriteWeb (France)
Oliver Fendt
Manager of the "Open Source platforms" program, Siemens (Germany)
Josh Fraser
Vice President, Business Development
Vincent Freret
Consultant, Red Hat (France)
Frederic Friess
Architect, OCTO Technology (France)
Roberto Galoppini
Consultant in Open Source Strategies (Italy)
Gopi Ganapathy
Founder, President & CEO of Essentia
Sophie Gautier
Co-lead, France project, (France)
Mathias Gerard
Project officer, digital document, Technology University of Compiègne (France)
Teresa Gomez Diaz
CNRS research engineer (France)
Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
Professor, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)
Sandro Groganz
Funder and principal, Initmarketing (Germany)
Jean-Claude Guedon
Professor, University of Montreal (Canada)
Sebastien Hache
Professor - Former professor at IREM and IUFM (France)
Christina Haralanova
Gender and FOSS trainer, Researcher, Montreal University (Canada)
Venkatesh Hariharan
Corporate Affairs Director for Red Hat Asia Pacific
Masayuki Hatta
Research fellow, Institute of Intellectual Property (Japan)
Lutz Henckel
Founder, BerliOS community, Fraunhofer FOKUS (Germany)
Michelle Hughes
Co-founder, Stray Cinema (New Zealand)
Yves Hulot
Professor, Academy of Paris (France)
Paula Hunter
Executive director, The CodePlex Foundation (USA)
Jean-Michel Huten
Directeur Méthode, Direction Innovation et Outils, Generali (France)
Juan David Ibanez Palomar
CTO of Itaapy (France)
Thomas Karopka
Head of eHealth Department, IT Science Center Rügen (Germany)
Jim Kaskade
General Manager and Chief of Cloud - SIOS Technology (USA)
Robert Kaye
Founder and lead developer, MusicBrainz (USA)
Mehdi Khaneboubi
Researcher, laboratory EMA, University of Cergy Pontoise (France)
Fabio Kon
Director of the USP FLOSS Competence Center (Brazil)
Rene Kraft
CIO at Caisse des Depôts (CDC)
Laurent Kratz
Founding partner at Jamendo (Luxembourg)
Bernhard Krieger
Consultant in science and technology research (UK)
C N Krishnan
NRCFOSS-India representative (India)
Jean-Severin Lair
Culture and Communication Ministry CIO (France)
Eleonore Lamothe
Producer and manager, Inflammable Productions (France)
Bernard Lang
AFUL's vice president, CSPLA Member (France)
Rynda Laurel
COO of af83inc, the SF/US based division of af83 (USA)
Alexandre Lefebvre
Chief Technical Officer, OW2 (France)
Bertrand Lemaire
Chief of informations, CIO-online (France)
Francois Letellier
Consultant indépendant (France)
Bartek Lewandowski
Coordinator of the PSNC Qualipso FLOSS Competence Center (Poland)
Pascale Luciani-Boyer
Maire-adjointe de Saint Maur, commission éducation (France)
Ignacio M.Llorente
OpenNebula co-lead, co-founder of C12G Labs - UCM (Spain)
Kyle MacDonald
Kyle MacDonald, Chief Evangelist, (USA)
Rory MacDonald
Consultant, InitMarketing (Germany)
Viviane Madinier
Director, corporate CIO Studies, La Poste (France)
Margarita Manterola
Debian Community (Argentina)
Matteo Melideo
Head of Service, Engineering, Chairman of the QualiPSO Consortium (Italy)
Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Community Expert, HP, Community Manager of FOSSBazaar (UK)
Jean Millerat
Internet Social Entrepreneur, Wecena (France)
Louis Montagne
Co-founder, AF83 and Bearstech, Chairman of Collibri (France)
Tangui Morlier
Co-founder of Regards Citoyens (France)
Camille Moulin
AFUL board member (France)
Gael Musquet
OpenStreetMap (France)
Dave Neary
Founder of Neary Consulting, Member of the Gnome Foundation (Ireland)
Charles Nepote
Program Director, Identités Actives, Fing (France)
Nnenna Nwakanma
Council Chair FOSSFA, Founder of (Ivory Coast)
Jean-Noel Olivier
Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, Accenture (France)
Philippe Ombredanne
CTO and co-founder, nexB (USA)
Mathieu Pasquini
Founder, in Libro Veritas (France)
Ori Pekelman
Design manager, AF83 (France-USA)
Carlo Piana
Lawyer, General Counsel to the Free Software Foundation Europe (Italy)
Vincent Picavet
co-founder of Oslandia (France)
Lydia Pintscher
Amarok community manager (Germany)
Marie-Claude Poelman
President, ANDSI, CIO, Nature et Découvertes (France)
Mathieu Poujol
Director, Technologies Group, PAC (France)
Mark Prutsalis
President & CEO, Sahana Software Foundation (USA)
Mikko Puhakka
Partner, ConeAdvisor (Finland)
Mark F. Radcliffe
Partner, DLA Piper (USA)
Jean-Luc Raffaelli
Project Director, La Poste Corporate CIO (France)
Pop Ramsamy
Head of CENATIC Observatory (Spain)
Simon Redfern
Programmer, Entrepreneur and Composer (Germany)
Christian Remy
Program Director, Open Source software forge, Bull (France)
Jean-Yves Reynaud
CTO & COO EMEA AirVantage at Sierra Wireless (France)
Emmanuel Rias
NovaForge Team leader, Bull (France)
Alexis Richardson
Senior Director, VMware / RabbitMQ. (Uk)
Lars Ronning
Head of Zimbra’s operations in EMEA
Solomon Rothman
Filmmaker, Moviepals (USA)
Gabriele Ruffatti
Founder of SpagoWorld and IT director at Engineering Group (IT).
David Sapiro
Founder and CEO, Pilot Systems (France)
Ineke Schop
Program manager of NOiV (Netherlands)
Charles-H Schulz
Co-Founder and associate, Ars Aperta (France)
Ayuko Sedooka
Researcher, Paris Descartes-Sorbonne University (France)
Alolita Sharma
Co-founder and CEO, Technetra, OSI Board Secretary (USA)
Jean-Paul Smets
Nexedi and TioLive CEO (France)
Steve Speicher
Lead for OSLC, Rational, IBM (USA)
Giancarlo Succi
Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Bolzano-Bozen (Italy).
Jeanne Tadeusz
Chargée de Mission Affaires Publiques, April (France)
Benedicte Taillebois
Responsable des études, Astria (France)
Axelle Tessandier
Artist and writer, Palomar5 (USA)
Syrine Tlili
Chief of OSS Unit - Ministry of Communication Technologies (Tunisia)
Veronique Torner
Co-founder and co-president of Alter Way (France) - Co Founder CIO Summit
Jerome Trollet
CIO, SAFRAN Corporate (France)
Teyo Tyree
Co-Founder, Vice-President, Puppet Labs (USA)
Satoru Ueda
Sony Corporation / CE Linux Forum (Japan)
Claire Ulrich
Point of contact Ushahidi France
Clementine Valayer
Senior consultant - former stakeholder management (Belgium)
Franck Villaume
Open Source Referent , Cap Gemini (France)
Alan Walter
Attorney at law, Member of the Paris Bar (France)
Jonathan Wanagel
Development Manager at Microsoft
Anthony I. (Tony) Wasserman
Executive Director, COSI, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley (USA)
Kim Weins
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products, OpenLogic (USA)
James Weir
CTO and co-founder of UShareSoft (France)
Hongbo Xu
Professor at School of Computer Science, South China University of Technology
Justin Ziegler
CIO, (France)
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